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Jannis is a mixed martial artist and coach out of germany. He fought in different sports (boxing, k1, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, muay-thai and mma). He’s here to inspire mixed martial artists to discover how far they can really go, by connecting strength & conditioning to martial arts.

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Jannis started his fighting journey at the age of 15. His passion for material arts quickly grew and took him into competition. Jannis went on to win several grappling tournaments in germany and netherland at GMC, Versus and Grappling Industries. Following he fought in MMA at NFC, GMC, Be a Fighter, Extreme FC and at BBQ Beatdown in Thailand in Tiger Muay Thai Gym. Back in Germany he tried Boxing and K1 to improve his Stand Up Skills. Finally he took silver medial at the german mma championship from GEMMAF. 
While jannis was completing he was also studying for his bachelors degree in sports management. Same time he made multiple further educations in athletic training, mma coaching and and mental training As well as competing jannis found a passion for coaching and started to excel in this roll, a transition that is often hard for competitors. To excel his knowledge in both competing and coaching he started to travel the world to seek working with some of the most renowned coaches and gyms like MMA SPIRIT, SPITFIRE GYM and TIGER MUAY THAI. While doing this he’s helped fighters get ready for competition.

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As a fighter who is already training

Learn proven techniques across various fight disciplines including: K1 Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ & MMA

Learn about specific details that the teach hones in on to help you to understand and develop quickly

Learn how to prepare and build confidence to get you ready to attend live classes

Learning in depth knowledge about different
Marital Arts

What you will learn

As a beginner or amateur fighter

Learn at a pace that suits you starting with

Fundamentals through to Advanced lessons and techniques

Learn and develop knowledge and new skills

Grow self confidence through Martial Arts
and healthy living


  • Over 40 fights in MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing and Grappling

  • Athletictrainer

  • Diploma as a fitness trainer (A+B license)

  • Studio manager for fitness and sports

  • Nutritionist General

  • Nutritionist for athletes

  • Personal trainer

  • Sports mental coach

  • MMA Pro Trainer (German Academy for Martial Arts)

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